The Liminal Waystation

I envision the Liminal Waystation column as a place where readers can rest in the transitional and transformational in-between space that is the speculative. There is lived experience, and there are the things we imagine, and there is a place where we sit with the words and thoughts and potential and become. This will be a place to reflect on profound connections, beautiful writing, and works of horror that help us transcend the pain of the everyday to embrace our potential as readers, creatives, and humans. 

Amanda Worthington is a horror writer and poet whose reflections on the plight of women, psychosis, religious terror, and the erasure of knowledge are largely inspired by experiences she has had as a Missourian and as a librarian. Her work asks the hard questions and doesn't provide easy answers. She is the author of the Elgin-nominated novella-in-verse No Quarter, as well as stories like The Scales and The Only Savior We Know. Amanda is the founder and chair of Horror in the Heartland, the Missouri/Kansas chapter of the HWA and also serves as outreach manager for Crystal Lake Entertainment.  

The Space Between Here and There

Are you ready for more metaphysical mayhem? The strange train we’re all passengers on will soon be on its way. But first – a brief respite at the Liminal Waystation.  I hope you’re ready. Because it’s time to dive into the space    Between Here and There Where are we right now? Where are we […]

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The Space Between Alive and Dead

Welcome back to the Liminal Waystation. This week we examine the liminal space that some find the most intriguing. Or horrifying. Or some combination of the two. I hope you’re ready. Because it’s time to dive into the space    Between life and death In 1990, the world learned who Terri Schiavo was in the […]

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The Space Between Asleep and Awake

Liminal [ lim-uh-nl ]Of or relating to a transitional or intermediate state, stage, or period Waystation [way sta·tion]A stopping point on a journey Welcome to the Liminal Waystation. As the name implies, this is a space between two states of being. A place to rest in the murky waters of becoming. This is where transformation happens, […]

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