Issue #139–Winter 2020

The final issue of 2020… we all dealt with the trauma of the year in different ways. For creatives, they expressed themselves in words and images. Here are stories that deal with race and bias, with fear and death. How we deal with losing a loved one… and an unloved one. There is some laughter in the mix as well as some tears. Poetry, reviews, interviews and a graphic short come together with outstanding illustrations to make a bit of brilliance here in the darkest month of the darkest year many of us have ever experienced. 


by Leonard Speiser
The Skin Least Taken
by Willow Dawn Becker
Not Meant for the Stars
by Felicia Martinez
by Mia Guzina
Digital Ghosts, Inc
by Carl Taylor
Sacred Glyphs
by Shikhar Dixit
I Fear the Trees
by James Harris
The Thing About Paul
by Eric Shapiro
Gold and Bones
by Moaner T. Lawrence


Exterminate: a graphic short
by Mark Levine


Her, Self
by Jamal Hodge
by John Urbancik
Notoriously Bad Sci-Fi Pod Flick haiku
by Gerard Sarnat
Lovely Ludwig Van
by Alessandro Manzetti
Survivor’s Guilt
by Marsheila Rockwell
Damaged Roots
by Jennifer Marie Brissett
Where The Dragons Went!
by Dean Schreck
by Russell Hemmell
The Mollusk God
by Maxwell I. Gold
by Lori R. Lopez
A Daughter Laments
by Avra Margariti
by Cindy O’Quinn
by Lee Murray
Street Cleaner
by Evan Hoffmann


by Arthur Haywood
interference illustration
by Anthony R. Rhodes
Sy Klopz 
by L. Allen Gillick
The Skin Least Taken illustration
by Brad W. Foster
Not Meant for the Stars illustration
by Arthur Haywood
Cohabitants illustration
by Al Klosterman
Digital Ghosts, Inc. illustration
by Tom Nackid
Sacred Glyphs illustration
by Shikhar Dixit
I Fear the Trees illustration
by Doug Draper
The Thing About Paul illustration
by Alan F. Beck
Gold and Bones illustration
by Angela Yuriko Smith


Speculating: 11394.27
by Angela Yuriko Smith
Word Ninja
by Linda D. Addison
Take Two at the Movies: Child’s Play
by Daniel M. Kimmel
JOHN PALISANO: Leading the Horror Industry
by Angela Yuriko Smith
Shannon A. Thompson: Making Good with Bad Blood
by Austin Gragg
Graggonspeak Quarterly: Winter 2020
by Austin Gragg


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