Flash Battles Official Rules

Flash Battles is a team based writing competition. Competitors choose the team they would like to earn points for. Once chosen they will be randomly chosen to battle against four other randomly chosen writers. Each competitor will have one week to make sure they are fit for combat. Then the prompts will be released. Each writer will write from the same three prompts and will have three days to complete their 500 word speculative flash fiction story. At the end of the three days the writers must turn in their work or forfeit the match. Readers will then vote for their favorite story. Each reader will get a chance to cast one vote. Points will be awarded to the winner and runner-ups. Points will be accumulated for the three month Flash Battle season and the team with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the winners. 

Flash Battles occur at whim and are based on availability of staff to promote mayhem.

Flash Battle Duels are special matches between opponents that have mutually agreed upon a battle. This may be done for a variety of nefarious reasons that are none of the business of the Space and Time staff. Matches will be scheduled a week out, and all parties must agree to the battle. The Duel will proceed as a regular league Flash Battle, but no points will be awarded to any team. If the Flash Battle Duel was an effort to raise money for charities, the Duelists must set that up with the charity themselves and the charity will have to arrange how they will accept the donations.

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These rules are subject to change without notice at our discretion.
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