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Love You to Death


The drifting snow on the ground reminds me of your dying.
Your latent taste, captive on my tongue, inciting this addiction…
soft are the lips from which sweet death is dealt.

With red hair the color of fresh blood—
those wide and hungry mantis eyes gleam with threats and promises.
My words summoned her toward me, though I was her doom.
Sense memories condensate: scrolling sweat, freestyle tears, and blood rhythm.

Pluck your teeth out and chain them with starlight, bind your wrists and neck with them so you may know no freedom sweeter than this.
The ties we choose to bind ourselves are tighter than the bonds of blood.

a demonic whisper at midnight, slicing into the dream…
a tender touch, just enough, enough, to pierce the skin…
a ringing shiver, aimless and intent
wove a metallic net up, up out out into his mind…
a glimmer of light teases the edge of darkness
wishing/dreading to be noticed…

Our love rots, atrophies; blighted we cling to our bones
Angels, crows, carrions, stones—we all are what we denied to be.
Death, at least, would leave a heart whole when he stopped it.

Written by Lorraine Schein, Blaise Langlois, Ngo Binh Anh Khoa, G. O. Clark, Miriam H. Harrison, Michael McAfee, Mariel Herbert, Kirby Kellogg, Adam Ford, Angela Yuriko Smith, Emily Mann, Carl Hubbard, Chris Marrs, Alyson Faye, Russell Hemmell, and Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

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