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Available in ebook and print here! Space and Time #142 marks a triumph for current editor-in-chief Austin Gragg who navigated the literary wilderness to bring these finds to the page. Includes art, poetry and prose by Linda D. Addison, Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito, Gordon Linzner, John Grey, Debasish Mishra, Andrea Mungiello, Dennis Maulsby, Sean Joseph Pino, Michael Wyatt, Marge Simon, Benjamin Henry, Sean Eads, Joshua Viola, Purbasha Roy, Colleen Anderson, Daniel M. Kimmel, Lena Ng, Marcus Whalbring, E. E. King, Maria Zoccola, Terrie Leigh Relf, Aaron Sandberg, Angel Leal, Rina Inae, Kelly Talbot, Francis W. Alexander, Maxwell I. Gold, Mary Soon Lee, Jay Sturner, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Geneve Flynn, Briant Laslo, Randall Andrews, Chong May Yin, Carina Bissett, Archie Abaire, Seth Jani, Angela Acosta, John Urbancik, Ara Hone, Lynn I. Hsu, Carol Edwards, Allen Beck, Kyra Starr, Shikhar Dixit, Arthur Haywood, Brad W. Foster, Al Sirois, Mark Levine, and Doug Draper.

Brand new fiction from the multi-award winning author Alessandro Manzetti.

“Here again, like a fossil with a still, soft heart hidden beneath its stone, I stand in front of this tomb. You left, Grace. You left too quickly. White skin, thin fingers, inky hair tied off your face. Wings for arms, rubies in your eyes. That’s how I imagine you, down there; intact, but cold. Motionless, but ready to fly—if only you wanted to. Or perhaps you are in fact flying right now…” 

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Science or Fiction In 50 Years?

When it comes to thinking forward, Leonard Speiser is an expert. The mind behind several technology companies including Clover (sold to First Data) and Bix (sold to Yahoo!), he previously worked at eBay, Intuit, and CSFB. Here he shares his educated guesses on what science fiction might be fact in the next 50 years.


Take Two on the Movies

Remember that one movie...? Not only does Daniel M. Kimmel take us back in time to look at the movies that influenced us but he also explores how they continue to shape our genre today. Grab some popcorn and get ready to reminisce and discover.

2017 LindaAddison closeup selfie

Word Ninja

A well crafted poem is very like a Japanese ninja sword, or ninjatō. Folding and layering metaphor and metal results in an instrument of precision, beauty and utility. Both ninja and poets rely on these creations. They are tools that change dynasties and protect the weak. In Word Ninja, Linda D. Addison explores the latest offerings from the dark poetry world and how they affect us... and possibly our future.



To speculate is to form a conjecture about a subject without firm evidence, something Angela Yuriko Smith indulges in daily. After years of being told to pipe down, she has finally found a quarterly forum where she can voice her opinion about all sorts of things—but most often about the thin paper veil between our world and that of words.