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Space & Time Issue #139

The final issue of 2020... we all dealt with the trauma of the year in different ways. For creatives, they expressed themselves in words and images. Here are stories that deal with race and bias, with fear and death. How we deal with losing a loved one... and an unloved one. There is some laughter in the mix as well as some tears...

Iron Writer Challenge

Not everyone can be called a writer. It's a lonely road with little praise for those who forge their futures in ink. Fewer can wear the title of Battle Writer. The ego is sacrificed in the ring of competition until only a few, hardened scribblers remain. Of these, only one will be named Iron Writer 2021. Could it be you?

Exquisite Corpse Poetry

Bring us your bits! Together we will cast them into the cauldron and see what monsters we can conjure. A fragment of sentence, a half baked thought... these are the pieces that give our exquisite corpse life. Leave us a line and we will witch and stitch it together every month.

Flash Battles—Writer vs Writer

Feel like a little fast and friendly competition? Enter the Flash Battle league to rack up points and bragging rights for your team or, if you have someone special in mind, we can set up a scheduled duel. Show your team spirit and write!

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Graggonspeak Monthly

Austin Gragg, our benevolent Graggon Lord, generously shares what new works of bookery he has unearthed in the past month. The monthly version of his quarterly Graggonspeak column in which he digs deep into his hoard to share untold treasures of pen, paper and pixel. ARCs are welcome at graggonspeak@gmail.com or via snail mail at PO BOX 4195 Independence, MO 64051.


Science or Fiction In 50 Years?

When it comes to thinking forward, Leonard Speiser is an expert. The mind behind several technology companies including Clover (sold to First Data) and Bix (sold to Yahoo!), he previously worked at eBay, Intuit, and CSFB. Here he shares his educated guesses on what science fiction might be fact in the next 50 years.


Take Two on the Movies

Remember that one movie...? Not only does Daniel M. Kimmel take us back in time to look at the movies that influenced us but he also explores how they continue to shape our genre today. Grab some popcorn and get ready to reminisce and discover.

2017 LindaAddison closeup selfie

Word Ninja

A well crafted poem is very like a Japanese ninja sword, or ninjatō. Folding and layering metaphor and metal results in an instrument of precision, beauty and utility. Both ninja and poets rely on these creations. They are tools that change dynasties and protect the weak. In Word Ninja, Linda D. Addison explores the latest offerings from the dark poetry world and how they affect us... and possibly our future.



To speculate is to form a conjecture about a subject without firm evidence, something Angela Yuriko Smith indulges in daily. After years of being told to pipe down, she has finally found a quarterly forum where she can voice her opinion about all sorts of things—but most often about the thin paper veil between our world and that of words.

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