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Issue #138–Autumn 2020


The Ratio of Silence
by Kate Ellis
by Sarah Stegall
by Marge Simon
The Dead Don’t Dream
by Gordon Linzner
Dead Time on Hart Island
by Barbara Krasnoff
Charlotte Sometimes
by Regina Garza Mitchell
The Falconer of Lift 32
by B. Renard
Collecting Violet
by Austin Gragg
A Passing Glance
by Laura Kester Duerrwaechter
How Chaac the Rain God Moved to Venice and became a Glutton-free Vegan
by E.E. King


Great Dismal Speaks
by Audrey T. Williams
something lost
by William Clunie
Directions from a Fey
by Chelsea Hunter
Jade Lightning
by Aber O. Grand
The Lawn Gnome
by Baishampayan Seal
E.A. Crowe
by Jill Bauman
Dance of the Damned
by Owl Goingback
After the Fall
by Lucy Gabriel
Manageable Magic
by Vincent Miskell
by John C. Mannone
The Further We Flew
by Lisa Timpf
How Many Metaphors Can Tap Dance On The Head Of A Cabbage
by Donald Pomerantz
The Robot
by Randall Andrews
It’s Been Raining Blood
by Austin Gragg
The Twilight Lady
by Lori R. Lopez
Halifax: December 6th, 1917
by Sam Mueller
The Dark King
by Alessandro Manzetti


Speculating: 11393.24
by Angela Yuriko Smith
Word Ninja
by Linda D. Addison
Take Two at the Movies: The Days of Future Past is a Different Country by Daniel M. Kimmel
Ten Years of Take Two with Daniel M. Kimmel
by Angela Yuriko Smith
Graggonspeak Quarterly: August 2020
by Austin Gragg


Halloween Trophy: a graphic short
by Mark Levine
scripted by Alessandro Manzetti
and illustrated by Stefano Cardoselli


by Karl Kofoed
The Ratio of Silence illustration
by Mark Levine
Sy Klopz 
by L. Allen Gillick
Greatflower illustration
by Doug Draper
Shutdown illustration
by Martin Hanford
The Dead Don’t Dream illustration
by Brad W. Foster
Dead Time on Hart Island illustration
by Anthony Rhodes
Charlotte Sometimes illustration
by Alan F. Beck
The Falconer of Lift 32 illustration
by Alfred Klosterman
Collecting Violet illustration
by Rachel Wietrick
How Chaac the Rain God Moved to Venice and became a Glutton-free Vegan illustration
by Alfred Klosterman
A Passing Glance illustration
by Angela Yuriko Smith