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Flight of the Ka
by Ronald J. Murray

Something’s shifting beyond eyes
Sealed tight against blaring light
Corrupting travels, wanders,
Of a dreaming Ka in flight,
Escaped from likeness painted
On sarcophagi stained by
Age and curses, ancient reign—
Its kingdoms torn asunder
By fingers reaching from the sky
From behind stars concealing spires.

Copyright © 2020 by Ronald J. Murray

by Felicia Martinez

When the last bird finally died, I didn’t mourn it. Draw the long lines upwards, tilting the meridian arc towards your point of view. That’s it. Venus. Do you see it?
So bright.
When the last child was born, I didn’t say thank you. Z clipped their nails the first time because I was afraid to. Afraid to make pain one of their first memories. To hold their hand.
So small.
When you said goodbye, I didn’t ask you to wait, wait for tomorrow. To follow. Where I step. See? Heel-to-toe and bend your knees. The path is clearer here.
Step softly.
When the last day dawned, I didn’t regret that I wasn’t with you. You had loved the day’s end and the little bats flying in floppy zig zags. A small shadow sky-walking the last ropes of slim light.
So light.
When my love went, it took the moon’s mountains. It took the stars.
But you were small.
So when it was my time to go, I didn’t take stock, as the saying goes. I didn’t think of my life at all, really. Just your strange questions. Your quick step. The sweet smell of your soft brow.
I didn’t regret when I loved you.

Copyright © 2020 by Felicia Martinez

Divinity in the Afterglow
by Colleen Anderson

There are shadows of angels
All metal struts and bones
How they fly, I don’t know
When made of earthy ores
But then they are only shades
The ghosts of what was before
Perhaps that’s the reason angels came to be
If that’s the case
then this atomic blast
Has sent us all to heaven
Supplications fall as ashen powder
Drift over bodies shrouded grey
Angels do not reply, uncaring or unreal
Pleas distill through sirens, screams
The agony of the world devoid
It is only in this final moment
as flesh melts and bones burn
that I see forms aglow
The incandescent dreams of angels
Carries me on flaming wings

Copyright © 2020 by Colleen Anderson