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Without Worship
by Mary Soon Lee

The ghosts of old gods guard
the vanished and vanquished.

Forest gods haunt city streets,
sheltering each shriveled shrub.

The gods of dried-out ponds
praise each paltry puddle.

Diminished, their duty done,
they squander their last strength.

The deposed lord of dinosaurs
attends to ducks and pigeons.

The mother goddess of mammoths
visits the elephants at the zoo,

who pause as if they heard her,
as if they scented their far home.

Copyright © 2020 by Mary Soon Lee

Philip K. Dick’s Typewriter
by Robert Ensor

One day my fingers flirted with Philip K. Dick’s typewriter.
My digits dallied over the stage of the keyboard
Like an androgynous astronaut’s weightless moon boots
Above the dusty surface of a virgin planet.

I surreptitiously slid a sheet of extra celibate
Cream quarto laid paper
Between the roller & the platen,
Cranked it up & caressed a single key
Sticky with lsd & odoriferous as yesterday’s marijuana.

But I was distracted, so the key I depressed
Was the question mark.
Therefore, with a single stroke, I had created
An apocryphal & anonymous classic, questioning
The very existence of the man & his machine.

Copyright © 2020 by Robert Ensor

Herla’s Fall
by Matthew Wilson

It was Herla that killed my family
His jealousy brought forth the spell
That made me mad with hatred
And sent my loved ones souls to hell.

For fifty years I walked the world alone
Undertaking tasks to cleanse my new name
Destroying monsters who fed on humans
Saving children from a bored witches’ game.

I changed my face many times since
Though my exploits heighten my glory
Crowds sang my heroics to the gods
Who have only heard half my story.

Now Herla calls me to his temple
To thank me from his old man’s bed
But I have done it all for selfish reasons
For my families revenge and Herla’s head.

Copyright © 2020 by Matthew Wilson