How can I change my email or postal address?
To update your address information, please fill out our online form or email our customer support team.

Can I pay for a subscription online?
You sure can! Payments can be sent via Paypal on our Subscriptions page.

If I want to pay with a check, where do I send payment?
For fastest mail processing, use the pre-addressed return envelope that comes with your billing statement. If the return envelope has been misplaced, please print this form and mail it with payment to:

Space and Time Magazine
Subscription Fulfillment
P.O. Box 214
Independence, MO 64051-1099

Checks and money orders accepted in USD only.
For all other purchases, please use PayPal.

I just received my bill and there is no record of my last payment. Did you receive it?
Your last payment was most likely received after we printed your new invoice. You can confirm that we received your payment by emailing our customer support team.


How do I submit a story?
See our Submissions page for information on how to submit your manuscript, as well as questions relating to cover art, rights, and turnaround time.

Can I send my submission via email?
We no longer accept email submissions. Space and Time now uses an online submission system which has been designed to streamline our process, improve communication with authors and allow our associate editors to process the high volume of submissions while retaining their sanity.

I submitted a story. Did you receive it?
You should have received an confirmation email that your story was received. If you did not receive a confirmation, please resubmit your work. We have a high volume of submissions to read during our open submissions. We will announce the accepted stories on our social media sites and at If your piece is not accepted, we will send you a message confirming this.


How can I find out when my current subscription renews?
Your renewal date can be found on your address label. It is located above your name to the right of your account number.

I just ordered a magazine subscription. When will I receive my first copy?
Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for the first issue of your print subscription to arrive. If more than two months have passed since your order date, email our customer support team. Please include your name, address and account number, if known. The more information you are able to provide, the better we can serve you.

I have not received my most recent issue. How can I get a replacement for the missing issue?
We can extend your subscription or you can request a replacement of the issue that you missed. Email our customer support team to report a missing issue.

How can I obtain a back issue of one of your magazines?
To purchase a back issue, visit our Past Issues page. If available, each back issue can be purchased in digital or print.

How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, visit your Paypal payment settings, select Space and Time Magazine and click Cancel Subscription. If you subscribed through one of our distributors, please contact their customer support for additional help. You can also email us with your request. Please send your complete name, address and account number, if known, to our customer support team.

I cancelled my subscription. Why did I receive another magazine?
Our mailings are prepared in advance so you may get 1 to 2 more issues before delivery of the magazine stops.