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Potter Magic: Guiding Libraries in Pandemic Times
Angela Yuriko Smith

As the pandemic hit and good leadership became vital to counteract panic and misinformation I couldn’t help but wonder who is at the helm of this sprawling system, literally keeping the books? So I asked. Meet Steve Potter, Library Director and CEO of the Mid-Continent Public Library system and author of The Purpose Based Library.


The Ironic Resonance of “The War of the Worlds”
Daniel M. Kimmel

H. G. Wells’ 1898 novel, “The War of the Worlds” is arguably the single most influential work of science fiction. It has never gone out of print, been repeatedly adapted into a variety of dramatic works, and laid the groundwork for countless other tales of aliens invading Earth. Watching the 1953 film version (the first on screen) during our COVID-19 plague year was a revelation, not because I had not seen the film many times before, but because it seemed eerily prescient about life in 2020.


New Release Review: SURVIVOR SONG by Paul Tremblay
Austin Gragg

I first noticed Paul’s work when I put together a little book group with two of my best friends, Blake, and Tyler. We called it “Crack a Book with the Boys” — yes, I enjoy poking a little fun at the inert Midwest culture which raised me. We picked CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Mr. Paul Tremblay; a story about a gay couple who take their daughter on a vacation and things go apocalyptically wrong. Tremblay’s brazen style and willingness to take risks in his storytelling captivated me. You’ll find all the same style and literary finesse in SURVIVOR SONG.