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Ten Years of Take Two with Daniel M. Kimmel
Angela Yuriko Smith

Congratulations to long-time film reviewer Daniel M. Kimmel. This issue marks his tenth year of his Take Two at the Movies column. My first issue to work with Daniel was #133 where he dug deeper into the world of Rollerball, a film I missed when it was released in 1975. His column inspired me to go dig up a copy of the movie to see what I’d missed.


The Days of Future Past is a Different Country
Daniel M. Kimmel

The current debate over so-called “cancel culture” misses the point. Of course, different generations will experience and reinterpret art through their own experiences and understanding of subsequent times. To pick just one example, the work of Pierrre-August Renoir, Claude Monet, and other Impressionist artists were highly controversial in their day for both their subject matter and their style. Today they are considered revered masterpieces. On the other hand, the Civil War epic “Gone with the Wind” – which in constant dollars (i.e., adjusted for inflation) remains the most
successful movie of all time – has faced a backlash for its stereotypical characters and casual acceptance of slavery. Fashions change, attitudes change. It’s not a secret plot if one generation rejects what was accepted by another, although one should acknowledge that different perspective in trying to understand how a given work succeeded or failed in the context of its original time.


Graggonspeak Quarterly: Autumn 2020
Austin Gragg

Welcome to “Graggonspeak Quarterly”—the book review column for Space & Time Magazine. To best utilize your time reading reviews, I stick to mentioning my favorite reads that made their way to me since the last S&T issue. Think of these reviews as reader’s advisory from a former librarian and fellow SFF geek.