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Exquisite Corpse

The drifting snow on the ground reminds me of your dying.
Your latent taste, captive on my tongue, inciting this addiction…
soft are the lips from which sweet death is dealt.

With red hair the color of fresh blood—
those wide and hungry mantis eyes gleam with threats and promises.
My words summoned her toward me, though I was her doom.
Sense memories condensate: scrolling sweat, freestyle tears, and blood rhythm.


What is an Exquisite Corpse?

An exquisite corpse poem is created by different people giving a line unrelated to the previous line. A poem is built from many authors, following the same rule or theme. In this case, there are no rules but it is a line, so no paragraphs please. You can read more about them here.

April's topic is: POETIC JUST US

Submissions close on the 19th at midnight CST

Exquisite Corpse April 2021: POETIC JUST US

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